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The fans have already begun the speculation about which characters they’d like to see hook up, and why.

The developers, so far, have been more than willing to lean into the game’s reputation as a place to meet all sorts of new people and have sex with at least some of them.

If the couple have a combined velocity relative to other objects, collisions could occur.

You have to be representative of the entire human race in situations where that designation may not be exactly fair, but you have to do your best anyway, or maybe your worst.

You have to make some hard choices about which characters you’d like to have sex with, and that can pose a certain conundrum, too.

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Getting ready for the eclipse, using a point and shoot camera and solar glasses film, both sun and stars appear before the moon arrives. The stars also shine the solar observation "glasses".

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(And if you are wondering how realistic the movie is, please read this fabulous essay by former astronaut Garret Reisman.) But because reality in this case is far more brilliant than fiction, here are some amazing real “Gravity” photos taken by NASA.