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Much of his work – which includes Auld Lang Syne (well his re-written version of the Scottish folk song) – is written in Scottish gaelic or English with a Scottish dialect and his influence grew widely after his death largely among socialism and liberalism.His poem Scots Wha Hae became the unofficial national anthem for Scotland for a time too.Best of friends: Wade is close with pop star Katy Perry and DJ Mia Moretti (l to r: Perry, civil rights leader John Lewis, Wade and Moretti in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention in July) Fashionista: Wade describes herself as a poet who 'creates empowering messages, blending simplicity with positivity, femininity and arresting honesty' (above in February with Moretii and designer Jeremy Scott)She also posted a poem soon after reports emerged that she was dating Booker, which read: 'Be careful when it comes to focusing on the opinions of others, you could end up walking a day in the life of everyone else's shoes.' Wade is frequently photographed at fashion events with the DJ Mia Moretti, another close friend of Perry, and posted a photo of herself with Perry's boyfriend Orlando Bloom earlier this summer in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention.This is only the second time Booker has been publicly linked to another woman, with rumors previously circulating a few years back that he was in a relationship with entertainment lawyer Bianca Levin.Each does so in his own way, and is changed for life.The poem by Henry David Thoreau that is featured on the front page of the poetry book Neil receives is not an original poem by Thoreau.

Painfully shy Todd Anderson has been sent to the school where his popular older brother was valedictorian.When Angelou, just 17, graduated from high school and gave birth to a son, Guy, she began to work as the first female and black street car conductor in San Francisco.As she explained in she also "worked as a shake dancer in night clubs, fry cook in hamburger joints, dinner cook in a Creole restaurant and once had a job in a mechanic's shop, taking the paint off cars with my hands." Angelou married a white ex-sailor, Tosh Angelos, in 1950.The night started as a tradition among Robert Burn’s friends shortly after his death in 1796.They made a pact to commemorate him on July 21 each year – the date of his death and this developed over time.

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I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary.