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The Office of Information Technology is responsible for configuring, maintaining and supporting the seventy-six computer labs, one-hundred-eighty classrooms desktop and laptop stations located, and the Audio Visual equipment at all campus locations. The E-Req is forwarded to OIT for review and approval.Software required for Spring Semester must be ordered by the beginning of November. It is important that OIT reviews and confirm the compatibility of hardware and software before placing the PR. All software is delivered to the OIT CSR (Central Software Repository) 5.Kershaw County School District is home to almost 10,500 students and over 1,300 employees, with three high schools, four middle schools, 11 elementary schools, one career center, one alternative school, and one adult education program.The District’s mission is to provide a positive, safe, and rigorous learning environment in which a highly motivated and nurturing staff prepares students for success.In 2013, the Kershaw County School District (KCSD) needed to upgrade computer labs in all of its middle schools.The computers were in excess of seven years old, running Windows XP and had very little RAM, limiting the students from doing all of the things they needed as part of their coursework.The hardware and software profiles for each lab are listed below.**Please note that this is not total listing of available software** Click on a lab to learn more about it.

Every year between April and July, school administrators are deciding on how to allocate the budget for classroom technology.

Software required for all Summer Term, Camps and Fall semester must be ordered by the beginning of April. When software is received, OIT contacts the individual who submitted the PR to coordinate an installation date and time.

The following is an overview of the software procurement process: 1. Desktop Support Services will work with Institute Deans and Department Chairs to install software in classrooms and labs for faculty and student use.

The outdated computers were not suitable for online testing either, hindering the district’s ability to keep up with state testing requirements.

With a limited budget, KCSD set out to analyze available options that provided the hardware and software requirements to support online testing and run specialized reading and math applications for students.

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Look at how K12 ed-tech specialists are rethinking the school computer lab on the most meager of budgets, and be inspired by their stories.

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