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Meaning of accommodating

But the existing social structure is influenced by many factors and forces that inevitably cause it to change. The change of man and society has been the central and quite dominant concern of sociology right from the time when it emerged as branch of learning.

The concern for social change is of great importance not only in studying past changes but also in investigating ‘future’ developments.

Of course what is said merely and obviously in joke cannot be a lie: in order to have any malice in it, what is said must be naturally capable of deceiving others and must be said with the intention of saying what is false.

An officious, or white, lie is such that it does nobody any injury: it is a lie of excuse, or a lie told to benefit somebody. It has always been admitted that the question of lying creates great difficulties for the moralist.

From the dawn of ethical speculation there have been two different opinions on the question as to whether lying is ever permissible. Paulsen and most modern non-Catholic writers admit the lawfulness of the lie of necessity.

Aristotle, in his , is more accommodating; he allows doctors and statesmen to lie occasionally for the good of their patients and for the common weal. Indeed the pragmatic tendency of the day, which denies that there is such a thing as absolute truth, and measures the morality of actions by their effect on society and on the individual, would seem to open wide the gates to all but injurious lies.

These dynamics may harm group member relationships and undermine the ability of a group to cooperatively implement a contentious decision.

Consensus decision-making attempts to address the beliefs of such problems.

During the Renaissance, nature was viewed as a reflection of the divine.Flowers have been grown in decorative gardens and used as adornment for centuries on virtually every continent on earth.Finding the right flower to give to someone your love is an art.But even on the ground of pragmatism it is well for us to bear in mind that white lies are apt to prepare the way for others of a darker hue.There is some difference of opinion among the Fathers of the Christian Church.

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