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Who is larry ellison dating now

But the transition marks a changing of the guard: Ellison, a swashbuckling figure in both his business and personal life, was one of Silicon Valley’s longest-reigning CEOs and the last in a generation of founders — including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Sun Microsystems’ Scott Mc Nealy — who built the infrastructure of modern computing and steered the leading tech companies in decades past.

Today’s most prominent tech CEOs tend to be heads of newer companies, such as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Larry Page, that deliver online software or services on top of that infrastructure.

At 67, Ellison is the fifth richest person on the planet with a net worth of billion, Forbes says. Besides spending unfathomable amounts of money acquiring stuff, Ellison says and does so many outrageous things, that satirical stories about him have been widely reported as true and true stories about him have been widely reported as false.

We've collected ten of the most outrageous stories about him ...

Oracle now dominates the market for database programs, used for everything from airline reservation systems to automated banking.

Talk about burying the lede: the vast majority of outlets reporting on Emma Watson’s new Vanity Fair cover story addressed her feminist credentials because one photo has her posing semi-topless, wearing a crocheted top that exposes the under part of her breasts.

Larry Ellison, the famously combative Oracle CEO and one of the world’s richest self-made men, once told a TV interviewer that “my personality didn’t allow me to quit while I’m losing.” Then he added, “My personality doesn’t allow me to quit while I’m winning.” He concluded, “I just can’t quit.” Ellison isn’t quitting, he and other Oracle executives insisted this week, after the 70-year-old company founder announced he’s handing off the CEO title and taking the less hands-on job of executive chairman.The 26-year-old actress found herself defending her feminism and the photo, saying that feminism isn’t about her “tits” but about other bigger issues like liberation and equality.But in focusing on Watson’s underboob photo, journalists were overlooking an interesting tidbit that’s revealed in the piece.Neither is likely to be called “swashbuckling.” While many of his peers have retired or died, Ellison has remained a powerful figure in Silicon Valley, pushing Oracle to gobble up smaller companies and publicly assailing his rivals, through lawsuits and blistering news releases.Oracle is one of the world’s biggest commercial software makers, with annual sales of billion and a stock value of more than 5 billion.

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