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ALSO READ | People prefer to have sex with partners of this age-group The traditional approach to getting an opposite sex to talk to you or take an interest in you by actually talking to them face to face is slowly fading.

Our cavemen instinct of hunting is slowly being overtaken by convenience – The equivalent of a caveman ordering pizza delivery instead of hunting.

Tinder lets you browse through profiles and let you like them by swiping around them .

"I never imagined strangers would be open to meeting strangers, just by looking at pictures of each other." App developers are seizing on what they see as enormous potential in India, where half of the 1.2 billion population is younger than 25 and smartphone sales are projected to surge 67 percent this year alone.A couple of years after was launched in 2008, US-based Adam Sachs, Dan Osit and Kevin Owocki found that their website was popular in India."We had never anticipated this, so we decided to focus on India," says Sachs, who is now based in Mumbai. our analysis predicts that by the end of 2014 it will be more than 0 million a year."The dating site that he originally started for New Yorkers now has 4.5 million registered users, of which 95 per cent are in India.Let’s face it, the days of dropping cheesy pick-up lines at social gatherings are coming to an end.We would be hearing less cheesy lines like “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes”.

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Smartphones have changed our lives right from the way we get up in the morning to the way we sleep at night.