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That’s why we have more than one top pick for the best debt consolidation lenders.All three have reasonable APRs, fixed interest rates, and multiple options for loan amounts and payoff periods — exactly what you want in a lender.In most cases, you will need to have a relatively decent credit score to get the best possible rates.Besides the benefit of potentially saving money and paying off debt quicker, the main draw to most unsecured loans is the ability to have a fixed payment each month.But he concedes that it sometimes makes a lot of sense, especially if you’re swamped with high-interest payments and can swing a better rate with a loan.Borrowing money is also personal, and the rates and terms available to you will depend a lot on your financial history.

In basic terms, an unsecured personal loan is issued largely based on your creditworthiness. There is nothing securing the debt like with a mortgage or car payment.

So I applaud your desire to attack this debt more aggressively, especially since it could well be that you have a higher interest rate than the one I used in this example.

An unsecured personal loan, which enables consumers to replace their minimum and variable card payments with fixed loan installments, might be a good option for you – if you can qualify for a low rate.

In the case of credit card debt, there is likely a variable interest rate which means you don’t know what you’ll be paying each month.

The key to recognize is that an unsecured personal loan should not be used to make frivolous purchases.

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While many companies may advertise rates as low as 5 percent, you generally must have excellent credit to qualify.

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