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Peakdating com

So SUID:a-maye; Densho Name: Mayer; USGName: Mayer Assembly Center, Arizona; Type: Temporary Assembly Center; Admin Agency: Wartime Civil Control Administration; Date Opened: May 7, 1942; Date Closed: June 2, 1942; Location Name: Mayer, Arizona; City Name: Mayer; State Name: AZ; Description: Located 75 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona, Mayer was set on land that was originally farmland.; GISLat:34.3833; GISLng:-112.2333; GISTGNId:2007019; Current Disposition:; Population Description: Held people from southern Arizona.; Exit Destination: Poston; Peak Population:245; Peak Date:1942-05-25; NPSMore Info Resource Link: Official Resource Link:; The Mayer Assembly Center, with a peak population of just 245 inmates, was the least populated of all the "assembly centers" and also the one in operation for the shortest time.

Located in Arizona, most of the inmates came from the Salt River Valley in Arizona's Maricopa County.

Passengers requiring additional review were not limited to those who appeared to have a contagious disease; they also included "the illiterate, the insane, criminals, polygamists, anarchists, prostitutes" as well as "young children traveling alone" and "young, unmarried women traveling without guardians." Individuals with questionable paperwork were also sent to the East Boston station, and during the period of Chinese exclusion (1882-1943), Chinese passengers were closely scrutinized in an attempt to prevent non-exempt classes from entering the United States.The 220-page book explores the traprock highlands from New Haven to Amherst, Massachusetts through Le Tourneau’s research and Pagini’s pictures.“It’s fantastic,” said Eric Hammerling, executive director of the Connecticut Forest & Park Association.One of the reasons for this result is the good performance exhibited by a flagship statecompany divisions: El Teniente.The site located in Region VI recorded a record production of 450 000 tons, surpassing its previous peak dating from 2005. Furthermore, the production of last year exceeds 8% increase compared to 2012 when Codelco El Teniente scored 417 000 tons.

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So SUID:i-east; Densho Name: East Boston; USGName: East Boston Detention Station; Type: Immigration Detention Station; Admin Agency: Immigration and Naturalization Service; Date Opened:; Date Closed:; Location Name: East Boston, Massachusetts; City Name: East Boston; State Name: MA; Description: Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) detention station located in East Boston, Massachusetts.; GISLat:42.3667; GISLng:-71.0333; GISTGNId:7015009; Current Disposition:; Population Description: Held Japanese immigrants; German, Italian, and other foreign nationals.; Exit Destination:; Peak Population:; Peak Date:; NPSMore Info Resource Link: Official Resource Link:; An Immigration and Naturalization Service facility that operated as a detention center for immigrants arriving through the Port of Boston.